hi this is rachel and i cringe every time kendall says something dumbヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ



Lydia, look at me. Don’t listen. Okay, don’t listen to it. Just focus on my voice, Lydia. Don’t listen to it, block it out. Okay?


Get to know Rooster Teeth

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Title: Unknownthe duck
Artist: UnknownGavin Free and Michael Jones
Album: UnknownPlay Pals #8- Five Nights At Freddy's
Played: 28458 times

"quick Michael, go check the duck

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sam is so done with his shit i just can’t

I was watching this scene with my father the other day. He has never seen the episode before but he said Dean’s line before DeaN DID IT AND I WAS 300% DONE WITH LIFE

Did you look at him like Sam looked at Dean?

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unbelievably cute/stupid/suggestive freewood moments
→ the tables have [almost] turned (megatower part two)

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Happy 25th Birthday, Carlos Pena

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"okay listen—there’s going to be this thing called the internet, you’re going to make videos using video games, and that’s going to be your job."

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